Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some photos for my gal

Here are a few photos of the store, my lovely girlfriend from back home Nicole asked for them. I miss you pretty girl, please send me photos of you and your belly! She is having a baby girl!
The polaroid cameras in the photo all work perfect and I sell the film as well. On the 1960's purse is a lovely hair piece made by a company in Canada. I have many different ones, and however you wear them you are instantly feminine!!

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  1. Hai Amanda! I was in your lovely store last week and talked to you about polaroid and other photography-stuff! :) I am back in the Netherlands again and not too happy about it! I had a great time in NY! Nice to have found your blog! Ofcourse you are welcome to visit mine! Let's follow each other! Should be fun! And I hope I will visit your cute shop any time soon again! Xo Marion