Sunday, July 31, 2011

My bunny at the opera

My lovely Sheryl in the opera! She will be in Madame Butterfly this Wednesday night in Central Park as well! She sings like an angel! And she worked as a bunny in the 70's at the NY Playboy club, could she be any more amazing??

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hearting Iceland all day and night in the light!

Oh how I have fallen in love with Iceland! I had been to the airport for layovers over the years but never got to spend any time. Crazy fun artistic musical people, who believe in faeries and elves! And their fashion, wow!
The first photo is of us at 2 AM! The sun never sets in the summer, it has been very hard to sleep, keep feeling like I am missing something! Friday night we stayed out till 5 AM and they were still partying! The next photo is an amazing shoe company Designed in Iceland and made in Spain, their shoes made me weep. I left without a pair due to them not having my size, almost bought them in black but they were not as fun. (My honey was happy due to their price tag!)Next photo is me smiling, telling my husband about the shoe company and that he can buy me a pair for a gift, because they sell on line! You can imagine how happy he was, ha, ha! Then there is the flag made from flowers and a drunk guy sleeping soundly! And the last photo is a view from the apartment we rented at 12:30 at night, after our 3 hour nap on our way out!
Found an Icelandic flea market, bought some old books but no vintage. Mostly 80's vintage here in the cute vintage shops, and such sweet gals selling it!
The people here are so so beautiful, if you are single get on a plane and come to Iceland!!!
I don't want to leave tomorrow, sad I did not get the chance to ride Icelandic ponies over lava fields!! Next time.......Time to nap with my love, before our farewell late night cocktail hour in the daylight!! See you soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hearting Berlin even more!

The sculpture on the water is made by a friend of mine, Jonathan Borofsky. It was so cool to see it in person. He has large sculptures all over the world, many in Germany, the Germans adore him.
The next photo is part of the Berlin wall.
The 2 after are us on a city boat tour. And the last is my honey playing guitar with some guys at a flea market. Their flea markets are so cool, live music, beer, wine, food, and fun! On our way to Hamberg, and then the sea, to visit friends and hunt for more vintage treasures, found some beautiful dresses in Berlin for the shop!

Friday, July 8, 2011

1950's pink party dress

This adorable young lady bought this 1950's dress right out of the window (wish it was that easy for me!). She wore it to her graduation, and what a sweet vintage beauty she was! Thank you so much for sending me the photo my dear, you are a dream in that dress, a dream!

Ahhh Berlin........

More fun in Berlin! This city is amazing!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dusty in Berlin

This does not look like we are in Berlin, Germany, but we are! Behind me with the boat is a section of the Berlin wall. This place on the river is having a bash for the bread and butter fashion week on Saturday night. We met some cool people making cardboard robots for the party, a DJ outside and in a little old warehouse with vintage TV's and robots, how can we not go?? I heart Berlin, and we have found some great vintage!! Might even make a Dusty Buttons Berlin??

70's jean jumpsuit beauty

Here is a fab fun gal in her new 1970's denim jumpsuit, just an amazing piece! The collar, the high waist, the flared legs, and the tiny pockets; oh my! I imagine her dancin' the night away in this number!