Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A pretty girl not looking "Lost" in her new dress

I woke up this morning made coffee, and sat for the last hour of Lost on online. Last night I caught up on the 2nd to last episode and half of the finale, shut it off to wait and savor for the morning. So here I sit, sad it is over, disappointed by the end, happy everyone found each other, and a still a bit lost! But what else could they have done with the ending, they had taken us in so many different directions, I guess they had to be dead. Six years and many fingernails chewed off and lost!!
Here is a pretty girl not looking Lost, in her new US made dress and her new vintage purse. The rope belt and rainbow top actually slightly remind me of something one of the gals may have worn on the island!! OK sorry, enough with the Lost woes!!

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