Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flat Mia at the bar!

OK, this one was just for fun, a joke for her dad. Mia does not like beer we found out!
We won't send this one to the school for the project, promise.

The perfect 1950's floral summer dress

This lovely young lady is the new owner of the prettiest 1950's floral dress I have ever laid my eyes on! Heads will turn each time she wears this beautiful dress.
I hope she comes to visit me in it, I miss it already!

Flat Mia!

Our sweet little niece sent us a flat photo-person of her. We have been taking photos of her around the city for her school project. I like this one of her in the window, looks a little nutty. I took some others of her in the dresses as well! I have to send them out tomorrow so her project is not late.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Liz and George visit Dusty

My lovely Liz came to visit me from home. I screamed when she walked in the door!
I introduced her to the famous George and he talked her ear off for quite some time.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My girls

I forgot to bring my camera to work this week! Sorry I have been a bit sad since last Saturday due to the the rude shoplifters.
Feeling better though after a very busy week at the store!
Here are two of my favorite girls Haley and Luna, this was a few years ago at a beach near my lovely, greatly missed sister in law's house in Rye NH. And oh how I miss my girls......, these two were so much fun to walk to the beach.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The nice Dusty gets fired!!!!!!

I have been blessed with wonderful customers! I feel very lucky for that.
But yesterday I had a gaggle (2 or 3)of shithead girls steal 5 dresses from me and the hangers!
I only wish I realized what they were doing in the dressing room, I am to trusting, it was busy and they just went in without asking. They worked fast. I did not notice they stole till 20 minutes later when I went to look for the new dresses to show a lady. I felt so hurt and violated.
So the nice Dusty has been fired and the new rude Dusty will never allow that to happen again! Being 5'10 and not small, I can't say what I may have done if I had caught them! And lets hope one summer night while out for some drinks, I don't find one of them wearing one of the dresses here in the East village, I will just take it right off them! It is a small dress company that makes those dresses, there were only a few made........I will be looking for you.

Fab gals

This lovely girl has a new pair of boots! She looks great in them.
I liked her and her friend a lot, they were socially conscious, smart, and fun gals! Dusty's favorite kind!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brunch hat

My love got a new hat! Perfect for brunch with his friend Eric (Eric always wears a lovely hat)! And after seeing this photo I can see that I need a new hat or to have my roots done! But my flowers look pretty!

Dusty loves this dress the best

This is my favorite vintage dress in the shop at the moment. I could cry looking at it, it is so 1950's Paris in the spring....
This lovely lady did not buy the dress but she covets it. She bought a different floral dress, one of the new ones. She looked great in that one as well, but this one begged for a photo.

A lovely french girl in her new dress

This is a new dress and it is made here in US! They are hard to find but I do enjoy treasure hunting! I like to mix new with the old. This cute french girl bought this one, I love her tights with the dress.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Day

Hello Spring!!!!
Sorry no new photos, my batteries are dead! I did tell some ladies to send me some photos of them in their new dresses for my blog.

Barbie Garden

These are some photos from a garden in Provincetown. Barbie lovers delight!
How could you not take a photo of this crazy garden.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A dear friend of ours took us out to dinner tonight, I think one of the best painters I know; so lovely to have such person in our lives. How lucky are we?
I am filled with hope tonight, the artist in me is peeking out again, unafraid.
And I thank you dear friend......

Monday, March 15, 2010

Umbrellas everywhere!

Umbrellas littering the streets of NYC, garbage cans full of them as well.
But I have to say my little vintage 1960's one held up just fine! They were made better, everything was. Now our umbrellas are all made in China because the labor is cheap and those big companies love that!
Throw away society, we have become. All those umbrellas on there way to the landfill along with so many other cheaply made things.
Can we ever change??

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to my little man!

Here are MY boys, well my two nephews and my honey. They look so summery with their sun kissed faces. This was last summer in Kittery, ME. Handsome boys. And the littlest one Lucas is having his birthday party today! He is 5!
Happy Birthday Lucas my sweet, wish I was there having cake with you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brasco's boys or WPF boys?

Here are my boys having a fashion show! I made them leave with both leathers! And that polyester short sleeved shirt on Tom was too fab! Max, I hope you bring the plaid dress coat or the leather to Paris, they looked very handsome on you. Don't forget to see the movie Donnie Brasco, you boys looked very Brasco in your leathers!

Today I had a visit from some of my favorite boys! They brought me bread from the worlds best bakery, When Pigs Fly, in York ME. If you don't believe me you can order it from Try the chocolate (toasted with peanut butter), the olive, the spinach and garlic, the hummus, the granola peach, the banana pecan, or the famous cranberry, orange, walnut, and brown sugar!

She is too cute,I had to show you her coat over the dress as well!

Sisters are forever!

The other night we had two of the coolest sisters in, it made me miss my sister! They were so much fun. Here is one of them relaxing with a vintage foot massager. And here is the other one looking lovely in her new dress, necklace, and belt. Everything looked great on her!
Visit anytime girls you were a blast!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Heart NYC!

Yesterday this man serenaded us the lucky people of east 9th street! The sun was shining and there was lovely music in the air, sometimes it is the little things...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Studio 54 girl

This beautiful gal bought this 70's # for a party. She will be the belle of the ball for sure! I just adore this dress, so studio 54.
Also I hope she reads this because she left her lovely locket here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

This was a cat that I fell in love with, I named him Edgar. He used to love to help me garden!

As I walked to work today I saw crocuses blooming in the 6th st & Ave. B garden, my heart soared! Spring is on her way. I got to thinking of gardening and how I miss it so. Here is a photo of a little garden I built in York Maine at our apartment. We lived a mile from the beach, it was such a romantic little place we had there. I used to love to plant chairs, maybe i will make a few for outside Dusty Buttons.

This lovely young lady is the proud soon to be owner of this beautiful handmade necklace. It is made from vintage hankies and jewelry. I have a few other ones as well made by two fab gals.