Thursday, February 24, 2011

1960's pretty polka dot party dress

We just received some new US made beautiful floral dresses and tops for spring!
Come visit!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Perfect Garden Party Dress

Here is a lovely sweet gal, in her new 1950's Frank Starr polka dot dress. This dress is feminine, sexy, and yet so sweet! The bustle is the back makes me want to squeal in girlish delight! I am so happy this dress found such a hip, fun girl. The dress cries out to be worn to a garden party, and oh how the faeries would envy her!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Foxy Valentine

My handsome husband took me and our boy Mr. Buttons to Island Beach State Park
for a Valentine's day picnic. It was a beautiful warm day for February, a bit windy so we ate our lunch in the car! We all got some sand in our eyes, the ocean was wild, and the teenage surfer in me wanted to paddle out and see if she could still get up! The best part of the trip was the beautiful fox we saw! The close up photo of him was his calm stern look he was giving Mr. Buttons for barking out the car window at him! Mr. Buttons barked and cried for him 20 minutes after we left the park, he really wanted to chase that sweet little fox, bad Buttons!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The perfect pixie boot

Remember this stacked heel boot from the 80's? Much more feminine than the Justin boot, and even harder to find. Not sure why the company does not start making them again, I always loved them. I won't write the name for fear of finding even less out there! This pretty gal was over the moon to take them home, they will inspire many outfits.

Spring is in the air

Here is a beautiful gal in her new little spring outfit by one of our favorite made in USA designers, Many Bells Down. Love their vintage look and great pricepoint.

1950's James Galanos work of art

1950's amazing James Galanos dress!
Come visit her, she is quite the beauty. Took her out of the window today for fear of sun damage. The buttons down the front, built in silk slip, and layers of chiffon are to the sight and touch just too beautiful. This is a lovely example of one his pleated handmade dresses, it took him two weeks to make such a piece. That is when fashion was art my friends.
What a piece of fashion history!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your art is your life your life is your art - HM

Here is a lovely painting a sweet gal named Sarah did of a vintage dress in my window. Beautiful! There are more lovely paintings of dresses on her website, click the link below. She will paint any window you like!!
I have just started painting again myself after 10 or more years of being blocked, she is quite inspiring to me!