Sunday, March 21, 2010

The nice Dusty gets fired!!!!!!

I have been blessed with wonderful customers! I feel very lucky for that.
But yesterday I had a gaggle (2 or 3)of shithead girls steal 5 dresses from me and the hangers!
I only wish I realized what they were doing in the dressing room, I am to trusting, it was busy and they just went in without asking. They worked fast. I did not notice they stole till 20 minutes later when I went to look for the new dresses to show a lady. I felt so hurt and violated.
So the nice Dusty has been fired and the new rude Dusty will never allow that to happen again! Being 5'10 and not small, I can't say what I may have done if I had caught them! And lets hope one summer night while out for some drinks, I don't find one of them wearing one of the dresses here in the East village, I will just take it right off them! It is a small dress company that makes those dresses, there were only a few made........I will be looking for you.


  1. Very rude!!! I hope we dont see those girls out when I come visit... I dont think NY would be ready for that.. anyways mama, I love the blog and cant wait to see you! xoxx -your little 'sister' Anna

  2. I'm HORRIFIED and so so sorry. I live in the East Village and cherish our small businesses and how sweet and personable shop owners are. Maybe a big retailer can absorb the loss, but the idea that these people came to a small business owner to steal irreplaceable items is low. Hopefully they'll get caught or get karmic payback. Love to Dusty Buttons!