Saturday, March 27, 2010

My girls

I forgot to bring my camera to work this week! Sorry I have been a bit sad since last Saturday due to the the rude shoplifters.
Feeling better though after a very busy week at the store!
Here are two of my favorite girls Haley and Luna, this was a few years ago at a beach near my lovely, greatly missed sister in law's house in Rye NH. And oh how I miss my girls......, these two were so much fun to walk to the beach.

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  1. Nicole CullinanMarch 28, 2010 1:36 PM

    Hello Darling!

    I was looking in on you to see how everything has been going for you! I love the pic's of the store! I could go on and on!

    Don't let those "VERY RUDE" shop lifters get you down karma comes back to everyone and they will have to answer for their rude ways eventually!

    I miss your big bright smile and hope that you and Mr. Buttons are doing great!

    Tim and I are having a little girl!!!!

    lots of love for you-Nicole