Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow in the city.....

This morning on NPR, Lori Gottlieb was speaking of her book -Marry Him- The case for settling for Mr. Good Enough, and as I ate my toast a little sadness come over me. I got to thinking of love, is it that hard to find? Settle? No! I had been married before and it was a disaster, I can't imagine what my life would be like today if I had stayed. I never had a huge desire to be married, just a desire to be with someone who was my lover and my buddy. Sounds simple I know but that was my wish.
After a few weeks of drinking much wine with girlfriends mending my heart, I read the silly book The Secret and thought I would give it a go in my garden. I had been building two new gardens as part of my healing process and they were looking lovely. So I went out in the garden and began speaking to it, with each chore in the garden my whispers came. Sounds a touch adolescent yes, but that is where I was. And I believe the positive energy i planted and spoke of in my garden grew and grew.
A few days later i met the love of my life, a bit sooner than I would have liked, or maybe he was years late? The next day he came over to see my garden, bent down and adored my hens and chickens (a plant) I knew instantly my whispers had been heard.......
Three years later he is my husband, but most importantly my lover, and my buddy! Not a day goes by that looking at him does not give me stars (butterflies)in my belly.
Not sure why I felt compelled to tell the interweb these thoughts, maybe it is the romantic promise of snow in NYC tonight.
If you have no lover to walk in the snow with tonight, go out alone, you never know what you might find...and whispering positive things hurts no one.
Love, Mrs. Buttons


  1. Ohh Mrs. Buttons I had no idea you were writing such an important blogpost when I burst into your store demanding all of your owls at once.

    It is beautiful and it made me cry a little.

    "Whispering positive things hurts no one" - sweet jesus that is awesome - its people like this that bring me to the the East Village regularly. Very diverse conglomerate, but it seems everyone is thinking and everyone is feeling and everyone is exploring. I know you are a traveler from the North, but you did end up in my special playground after all...

    It was a rare pleasure meeting Mr and Mrs Buttons last night. I cannot believe how much we all have in common. The Owl Man will return. You are stuck with me now. Ha! When I can get my Pussycat out of the Trees, I will bring her as well. I will lure her to the store with a saucer of milk. (I have actually lured women this way. It works.)

  2. Awww Honey! I haven't had time to whisper lately- with Spring I may try that as i turn your gardens over and help the Mother bring forth new life. Maybe some of your magic is still there!
    I love you and miss you!
    -your big Sis