Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dusty Buttons 440 E. 9th Street, NYC

Dusty Buttons is a vintage clothing store here in the east village. We have gal's and guy's vintage clothing and shoes. Dusty is thinking, though it is nice to have visits and stories from men once in a while, we might get rid of the boy things?? It is just that there are so many pretty dresses in the world, we need the room! But we will wait and see what spring brings for those boys......

We are having a super sale as well,
50% off all winter coats as well as other lovely wintery items!
30% off many, many fab dresses! Dusty loves spring dresses so we must make room!

The real reason for this blog is that our customers are fun and have such great style!
Dusty wants to take photos of them all and display their beauty and uniqueness.

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