Sunday, June 6, 2010

A lovely gal wrapped up!

Here is a beautiful gal in her new long wrap and lovely lace dress. Both are made in US. I love the first photo of her, the light on her face gives her an angelic look. Her sister bought her the vintage locket earlier from me as a gift, and pointed out that there were two sisters on it. I never noticed, thought it was a pretty stone, I may need glasses!
I have a few more fun photos of her I will post, she was so much fun to photograph!

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  1. Great call on the wrap! I usually assume that large drapey sweaters will make me look huge and hidden, so I was shocked that in fact it was the opposite--it fit me like a glove, and I am so excited to wear this in lieu of a jacket when I go out on the town in spring and fall evenings. This look was so perfect I put the clothes I was wearing in a bag (thank you, A!) and met my fiancé at a jazz club in the East Village. He was so blown away when he saw me in this outfit. Thank you Dusty Buttons!